Black Queer Feminism:

Historically, the bodies and experiences of black queer femmes have experienced an intersection of oppressions (race, gender and sexuality), and are thus best positioned to lead us into liberation. A Black Queer Feminist Lens, allows us to see and understand that our identities make us vulnerable to multiple types of oppression. Therefore, liberation for all Black people can only be realized by lifting up the voices and experiences of historically silenced and vulnerable groups within Black communities. Specifically, queer, trans* feminine, poor, differentlyabled and undocumented bodies are the ones most vulnerable because they are traditionally marginalized groups within already marginalized communities. It is in taking a Black Queer Feminist lens that one recognizes and humanizes Black bodies that have been made inferior.


a sociopolitical and economic system whose industry and wealth is owned and shared by workers and communities, as opposed to corporations. In this system, the driving economic force is not profit, but rather using resources for the collective benefit of all. “From each according to ability, to each according to need.”


a political vision with the goal of eliminating imprisonment, policing, and surveillance and creating lasting alternatives to punishment and imprisonment. It reveals  reveal the underside of the New World and its descendant forms — the police, jail, prison, criminal court, detention center, reservation, plantation, and “border” and engages in re-evaluating the way we relate to each other as humans and making new worlds without that underside, and with the infrastructure to breed harmonious life in all its forms.


We are not free while anyone in the world is unfree. The world is ruled by the US and global facist powers that aim to own the earth for their profit and control. Black, brown and poor people in the global south suffer most. Our internal struggles here in the US are directly connected to struggles elsewhere. We oppose imperialism in any form and stand for autonomy and self-governance. 

& Ecofeminism:

we are of the earth, we find resilience and regeneration there. The subjugation of women and queer people is linked to the same heteropatriarchal and toxic masculine ideologies of dominance, violence, ownership and aggression for profit that destroy the earth. The world we fight for is one where we are in harmony with nature.